Church Membership in the New Testament is not clearly defined, but a cursory look at any of the New Testament pictures of church (e.g. the human body, a building, a vine) all clearly demonstrate an expectation of joining, of commitment, of being part of the whole.


At the moment we do not have membership classes, but we do encourage everyone to join a cell.  These are small groups which meet weekly, usually in someone's home.  In addition, we hope everyone will attend an Encounter Weekend (including pre and post encounters) which are helpful in laying Christian foundations and also give an insight into the vision of LifeSpring.


Membership at LifeSpring is to do with giving and receiving - it is a two-way commitment.  Firstly, it is a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, as well as a commitment to the values, vision and members of LifeSpring, but secondly, it is also a commitment on behalf of leaders and members to each other.


We could therefore sum up our main expectations as follows:-


Our commitment to you includes commitment to:-


  • Provide a spiritual family
  • Disciple and equip you
  • Pastor and care for you
  • Give opportunity for ministry

Your commitment to LifeSpring includes commitment to:-


  • The Lordship of Jesus Christ
  • The vision and values of LifeSpring
  • The leaders and other members of LifeSpring
  • Serve the church
  • Give financially
  • Attend corporate gatherings

These principles and guidelines hopefully give a flavour of what membership at LifeSpring means.  There are times when we don't quite live up to the mark, so it is important that these expectations are saturated in grace, but at the same time, they can also act as a spur to provoke us to a greater commitment to the Lord and to each other.