The Vision of 12


In 2003, we began to transition to a model of cell church known as G12 following a visit Neville and Jackie Hollands made to a church in Bogota, Columbia the previous year.

There are a number of different expressions of the 'vision of 12', but most have originated from a vision and strategy which became known as G12.  This vision was developed by Pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos at MCI, Bogota, and as it became one of the fastest growing churches in the world with thousands of cells meeting across their city, and hundreds getting saved every week, it attracted much attention across the world.

The vision of 12 is a model of cell church which encourages everyone to take the command of Jesus seriously - 'to go and make disciples'.  And because Jesus chose a group of 12 disciples, we are simply trying to do it His way, and do the same.

Other important values of this vision, together with more information on how we have embraced this expression of church, can be found by clicking the 'vision of 12' - more information' button below.

Vision of 12 - more information