Liberia – Pastor Philipson Nagbe leads Liberia Christian Evangelical Ministries Inc based in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, and a network called Global 12 Project Liberia made up of many pastors across the country.  He is married to Victoria and has 2 grown up children.
Our involvement started in 2009 when Rev Phil Cheale invited Neville Hollands to join him on a trip to support pastors in Liberia, as Phil knew we were working with the G12 vision, and Pr Philipson was keen to be connected with the vision too. 
This was Neville’s first visit to Liberia – a country which had endured 14 long years of 2 brutal civil wars; the scars of which remain, not just in the infrastructure but also in the emotions and hearts of many men and women.  But at the same time, we heard many stories of amazing miracles of protection, provision & restoration.  There is a lot of rebuilding to do in both the natural and the spiritual, but Pr Philipson has a dream and a vision to transform his country, especially among the indigenous peoples of Liberia living in the interior, and we want to work with him as much as we can to facilitate this vision of transformation through the vision and values of G12.

Below is a picture of "Star of Bethlehem Church" - built on a swamp because the land is cheaper and the residents of the area need to hear the gospel!

Liberia 1

Pastor Neville, Pastor Philipson and Pastora Victoria.

Liberia 4

Pastor Neville, Andy Dickens and Pastor Philipson and Pastora Victoria's team of 12's

Liberia 2

Below are some children from a school run by Pastor Philipson.

Liberia 3

Pasor Neville, Pastor Philipson and one of his team of 12.

Liberia 5


James Hollands, 10/01/2013