Tamrat Mocuria, a member of LifeSpring and originally from Ethiopia was listening to Pr Cesar Castellanos (father of G12 vision) in 2009 in Windsor and was profoundly affected by the vision of fulfilling the great commission through the G12 vision.  He knew G12 was the answer to reaching the multitudes in Ethiopia, and within a few months he was back in his home country sharing about the G12 vision and arranging for some of Pr Cesar’s books to be translated.
Many were hungry to hear more about G12 and in December 2010, Neville & Jon Hollands accompanied Tamrat and shared the vision in more detail with many leaders in Addis Ababa, Nazareth, and also in the south of the country.  The numbers and interest in Ethiopia has continued to grow, and as this report is being written, we are looking into the provision of a base for G12 in Addis Ababa with a view to inviting leaders from across the country to come and be envisioned and trained in the G12 vision on a regular basis.

Pastor Nev and Tamrat relaxing in Ethiopia!

photonev and tamrat ethiopia

Jon Hollands speaking at a prison church in Ethiopia.

jon ethiopia

Jon Hollands, Tamrat Mocuria and some leaders in Ethiopia


James Hollands, 10/01/2013