Door of Hope

Rebuilding Lives

Since 1998 Door of Hope has been quietly turning lives around in Reading, giving hope to broken men by nuturing them back to fullness of life.

What is Door of Hope?

It is a residential Christian discipleship project for men, seeking to overcome various life issues, who in their present environment do not have the ability to promote, support or maintain positive change in their lives.  It is the work of LifeSpring Trust, and is overseen by a management committee made up of church members.  It is run by Jim and Heather Herring who live on site with their children and with the help of a small team of staff and volunteers.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of Door of Hope are to provide help in a family environment for men who in some way feel bereft of social, relational, emotional or spiritual support, and who are in need of a social care package that is designed to identify and meet their varying needs.  These needs are often deep rooted and not easily resolved, thus requiring long term commitment and care, lived out in a therapeutic community. 

Their objectives are to:

  • facilitate personal and social skills, encourage emotional stability and wholeness; 
  • move residents away from dependencies which are unhealthy to a growing relationship with God;
  • nurture the ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships with others;
  • integrate residents into the family of the Church as well as into the wider community;
  • motivate them towards employment, and to encourage recognition and fulfillment of individual potential.