Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ Ministries U.K was set up in Reading around 7 years ago, headed up by Steve and Zoe Goss.   The aim of the ministry is to equip the local church to disciple every Christian so that they understand who they are “in Christ” and take hold of the freedom that Christ has won for them.

The discipleship teaching is based on material written by Neil T. Anderson.  It establishes the Biblical principles necessary for individual Christians to live a life of godliness, growth and fruitfulness.  It is Christ centred and explains the truths of what Jesus has done in a way Christians can connect with and integrate into their daily life.

The Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course is now well tested across the U.K and in other countries by thousands of people and is highly recommended by church leaders.

Many Christians are forgiven but they aren’t free.  Freedom in Christ enables them to resolve personal and spiritual conflicts through a process called “The Steps to Freedom in Christ”.  The Steps are a structured, gentle, prayerful, discipleship tool where the individual Christian takes his responsibility as a child of God to repent of his sin, forgive, renounce lies and choose to believe the truth.  Life issues which have caused pain, negative thoughts and behaviour patterns and the accumulated spiritual baggage are addressed, enabling the person to claim their freedom and move on and grow in maturity.  The one who sets us free is Jesus Christ as we respond in repentance and faith.

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