Junior Church

Jackie Curtis leads a team who run our Junior Church programme.  The children go out every week after the main

worship session.  Children are encouraged to participate through flags, singing, dance, etc.,

The children's groups are broken down into school years as follows -

Little Fish - 1 to 3.5 years,

Starfish - 3.5 to year 2,

Dolphins - School years 3 and 4,

JAM - School years 5 and 6.

We have also introduced a monthly time of worship just for children. Next term session dates are still to be finalised (please continue to check the website calendar and here!!) but they happen at 10.30am instead of being in with the main service and is is then followed by Junior Church.



Each group uses activities and resources geared to their age range.  Our aim is for the children to

discover, experience and grow in their knowledge of Jesus. We use teaching from the scripture union

light range.

We also organise monthly socials for the various ages, details of which can be found in the diary or by contacting the

Church office on 0118 9839080 or by emailing