LifeSpring Youth

Youth Cells

We run cell groups for our young people during the week in the evenings for everyone aged between 11 and 25.
We have many different cell groups.
If you would like to join one please email James Hollands on


Friday Club

Every Friday during term time we have a youth club where the doors open at 6.30pm and we finish at 8.00pm. We have a playstation 4 , x box one, pool table, table tennis table and we sometimes play football, uni hoc and bench ball. We have a tuck shop.

Everyone aged from 11 and above are more than welcome to come along.


We meet fortnightly as youth on Mondays to pray. We pray and have lots of fun.
Please check website for dates.


We meet on the last Friday of every month at 7pm. Please check the website for dates.

Refuel a time to come sinf some songs, hear a word and be prayed for.
This is the perfect night for anyone aged from 11 - 111
MUSIC - We’re fans of creativity, Often we have a stripped back feel, sometimes just keys, cajon and a singer.

MESSAGE - The boring bit? Far from it. Work out what God’s all about in a way that makes sense to you.

Refuel is part of LifeSpring Church